Father Dan O'Connell

Father Dan O'Connell We've Got To Talk

Father Dan O'Connell has always had an avid interest in the strength and presence of God’s Word and its power to build up the human person and transform their lives. It is true that in God’s Word we live, move and have our being. Father Dan is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston, the city in which he was born and currently lives only a handful of miles away. He was educated at Catholic schools in Somerville and Cambridge, where the beauty of the Word of God was first introduced.

Before heading to the seminary, he worked for a large insurance company which offered him new insights into the human story with its many highs and sometimes lows. God’s voice was heard in the midst of it all and he applied to and was accepted to Saint John’s Seminary College and School of Theology. He was ordained in 1983 and has served in parishes in Lowell, Quincy, Boston and Cambridge. In 1989, he studied the art of homiletics at the Institute for Preaching at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Father Dan is currently pastor of Corpus Christi - Saint Bernard Parish in Newton, as well as Associate Director of the Office of Worship and Spiritual Life located in the Archdiocese’s Pastoral Center. He teaches homiletics through the office of Permanent Diaconate of the Archdiocese.

In 1989, Father Dan shot the pilot episode of Catholic TV’s award-winning show We've Got To Talk. It is currently the longest-running studio series in the history of The CatholicTV Network. From its earliest days, the show has sought to bring to light the important role that faith brings to the social, ethical and moral arena in with which we are all engaged. Father Dan is the recipient of the 1997 Proclaim Award from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for Excellence in Catholic Television Broadcasting, the first national award in CatholicTV's history.

Throughout the years, the show has responded to the needs of the audience and has taken many different forms in it presentation and format. From live talk show to the intimate one-on-one interview We've Got To Talk has always had the heart of Jesus at its center.  Today, through the use of green-screen technology, the show seeks to demonstrate the important fact that Christ is a part of all that we do and face. He is the Word made flesh that motivates us to live, love and assist in His mission to bring happiness and joy to all God’s people.