20. Catholic Schools/Hospitals/Charities | 25 Gifts of the Church

Have you had a friend that has cared for you when you were sick? Someone who comforted and assisted you during troubled times? Have you had a friend that imparted knowledge and guidance when you needed it? The Catholic Church is that friend to the world. The Catholic Church has championed the cause to make education available to everyone. Regardless of religious, economic, or political conditions, the Church reaches out to the sick and the suffering through its health care and loving concern for each and every human life. The contributions of Catholic charities and organizations have served those in need through counsel, food, clothing, and time. The Catholic Church’s good works may not always be seen or recognized by the world, but they are to the one that receives them.

"At the end of our life, we shall all be judged by charity." -- St. John of the Cross

Feeding the Hungry: Watch the Encounter Interview with Mary’s Meals Founder and Chief Executive, Magnus MacFarlane Barrow.

Working to End Homelessness: See how Father Bill’s & Mainspring are committed to end and prevent homelessness

Check out the beautiful gifts of our Catholic School Children:

St. Pauls's Choir School: Christmas at the Cathedral

Ursuline Academy Choir


20. Catholic Schools/Hospitals/Charities | 25 Gifts of the Church