5 Ways to Celebrate Life During Respect Life Month

October is an exciting month for the Church. In addition to celebrating the Month of the Rosary, we also observe Respect Life Month. This month aims to promote prayer and work for the Church’s belief in the dignity of every human life from conception to natural death. Be on the lookout in your parish and your diocese to see if there are special plans to observe this month. On an individual level, here are a few ways you can live the pro-life message this Respect Life Month:

  1. Pray and/or journal about the theme.

    This year, the theme of Respect Life Month is “Every Life: Cherished, Chosen, Sent.” Spend some time praying about this theme and journaling about your reaction to it. How do you see your own life as cherished, chosen, and sent? Are you living that out? How do you see others living it? What can you do to make this truth accessible to others?

  2. Offer a daily Rosary for the respect of life.

    A good way to combine both the Month of the Rosary and Respect Life Month would be to pray the Rosary every day and to offer your prayers for the respect of life. Our Lady is both a tender mother and a warrior against the evils of assault on life, so the Rosary is a great prayer to offer for this intention.

  3. Visit someone in a nursing home.

    Sadly, there are many elderly people (especially in nursing homes) who are experiencing loneliness and even abuse because their lives are considered less valuable by some people. Try to visit someone in this situation to show them how deeply loved they are by God.

  4. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.

    Being pro-life is about more than just trying to end abortion. It is also about creating a world in which every life is valued and given the opportunity to be lived out fully and meaningfully. You can help to create a world like this by volunteering to help at a crisis pregnancy center so that you are supporting both mothers and babies, showing both that they are cherished.

  5. Educate yourself.

    You will be more effective as an advocate if you know the facts about the dignity of human life. Do some reading, whether online or in books, to learn about an aspect of the pro-life movement (social, scientific, etc.) that you don’t know much about. This will not only help you when talking to others about the pro-life cause, but will also give you insight into what you can do to help.


5 Ways to Celebrate Life During Respect Life Month