5 Ways to Keep Celebrating Easter

The 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost mark the most important time in the liturgical year. In fact, according the USCCB, the days that make up the Easter season are celebrated as one long feast day. During this time we are called to proclaim "Alleluia!" and celebrate Christ's victory over death in a special way. Here are 5 ways you can keep celebrating Easter:

1. Go to daily Mass

Attending daily Mass is always great, especially during Easter. Throughout this season we hear daily readings from the Acts of the Apostles, which chronicles the foundation of the early Church. We hear stories about the disciples proclaiming the Gospel, performing healings, and suffering persecution for their faith. As disciples of Christ, we are called to do as the first Christians did and share the Good News. Hearing these stories can remind us of our mission and inspire us to live our Christian faith with conviction.

2. Pray the Regina Caeli

This Marian antiphon is prayed in place of the Angelus during Easter. It's a beautiful prayer that captures the joy of the resurrection. We invite you to pray the Latin version with Bishop Reed here.

3. Decorate your home with Easter Lilies

They're not just for Easter Sunday! These fragrant flowers have traditionally symbolized Christ's resurrection and can serve as a little reminder that we are in a special season of celebration.

4. Listen to our Easter Playlist

We've put together a Spotify playlist with hymns, chants, and praise and worship songs to help you celebrate!

5. Celebrate Pentecost

Throw a party, host a feast, spend time with family and friends--whatever you do, remember that this is a day for celebration. Jesus has not left us orphan, but has sent down the Holy Spirit to give us life and an inheritance in the Body of Christ. If that's not a reason to party, I'm not sure what is.


We hope you have a blessed Easter season! He is risen--Alleluia!



5 Ways to Keep Celebrating Easter