Pray with... St Thérèse

St Therese of Lisieux PrayerSt Thérèse is the patroness of CatholicTV, and (among other things) she's also a patron of missionaries

We think of CatholicTV as missionary work: Evangelization (both 'Old' and 'New'). We hope to preach the Gospel for the first time to people who haven't had the benefit of having heard it, and we hope to preach the Gospel again to people who may have heard it, but for whom it didn't take root. We seek to go out into the media landscape and be Christ's light there

The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love.

-St. Thérèse

St Thérèse believed in living the Gospel through small, simple acts of love with the tools she had. The tools we have happen to be cameras, lights, and a TV station. We hope our simple portrayals of Christian love, hope, and joy with these tools can be like flowers that people can enjoy, and from which they can grow in their faith.

Will you pray with St Thérèse and with us to God for the intentions of CatholicTV, that we might continue to be a light in a sometimes dark media landscape?

O kind and understanding Saint Thérèse,
in whom Almighty God has inspired great but simple holiness;
We implore your powerful intercession for the cause of CatholicTV.
Pray that Jesus will grant unique opportunities 
and miraculous support
for the use of the powerful media of television and the Internet,
that we might artfully proclaim the Truth of the Gospel in our day.
O Little Flower of Jesus, Patroness of CatholicTV,
though we live in different parishes, dioceses and nations,
by your powerful intercession, unite us as one family
to urge a desperate society toward the things of heaven. 
Release from that place of bliss a shower of roses upon our efforts,
that the wisdom and glory of our Catholic Faith may be 
seen, heard and understood.
May God's Will be done.

Thank you for supporting CatholicTV in prayer. Would you like to support us financially?

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(Originally published 3/8/2015)


Pray with... St Thérèse