Bring On the Noise

by Jay Fadden
Clocks showing time passing

Bring on the noise! Those are words I thought I would never say earlier in the day. It was Saturday afternoon, and I was tired from a long but productive week at work. I had decided to sleep for a couple of hours to recharge. Amelia was home from college for the weekend, and that meant trouble—not the kind of trouble that is bad, but the kind that is a danger to my nap time. With a deep sigh, I snuggled into my bed, happy in the thought of resting. I had kicked my shoes off, turned on the fan, and was feeling content and happy.

Then, they started. The first thing I heard was not voices, but feet scampering around the house. This was followed by doors opening and closing rapidly and loudly. Then came the laughter. Amelia, James, and Ethan were playing, LOUDLY! I got up, shuffled across my bedroom, and shut the door. I resettled back in my bed and closed my eyes. BANG! A door slammed, followed by howling laughter. I proceeded to step 2, a pillow over my head. You are probably asking yourself why I didn't just ask them to stop it, but in a sense, I was taking great joy in the fact that they were enjoying each other’s company. Still, I was a bit annoyed, and with Shirley out running errands, I was the only parent in the house.

When my patience had just about run out, the door burst open. Ethan ran in with a big smile and out of breath. He asked if they could use a gift card to go out for ice cream together. This was my chance. “YES!” I said, knowing this meant I could take my nap in peace. I heard them laughing as they got in the car and drove off. Finally, I had quiet. It was so quiet. It was too quiet. I got up and went down stairs into the kitchen, where it hit me hard. In a few years, this is what my house could be like. No kids laughing and running around, and very quiet. I looked around the house and noticed that the toys that used to litter the floor and annoy Shirley no longer exist. They are gone, replaced by magazines and electronic devices. Everything is changing.

There are times in our life when we can miss the great joy in front of us by concentrating on insignificant moments. We can miss the laughter, the creativity, and the thrill of sharing the wonder that children supply. We can get caught up in the noise and the mess. I have realized that I am going the miss the noise and the mess because I am going to miss these special moments in time as my children grow. I have a front row seat, and I cannot obstruct the view with self-absorbed desires. I say bring on the noise, and if I am lucky enough, I will include some of my own while joining with them.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading my blog.


Bring On the Noise