Cast Labels Aside

by Jay Fadden

Woman on top of a mountain

 Due to travel, I was not able to write my normal blog. However, I thought you might enjoy this blast from the past!

As a head coach, I have always told my players not to let anyone define who they are as a person. I have impressed on them that it is up to them to define themselves. In today’s world, we like to label people. We call people all sorts of names that define them and in many cases box them in as people. Some of those labels are hard to escape. The person who is called cheap, the class clown, the flirtatious person, the bully, the shy person, the dumb person, and so many more.

It is easy but unfair to label people. First and foremost, we are judging a person without knowing whether something is even remotely true or knowing their life story and why they may act the way they do. It is wrong. If we look even closer, there is something else that we are missing: potential. People have potential as they grow and mature; they change. Part of that change is due to striving to reach their potential. By labeling someone, we are ignoring the gift that each of us possesses to grow and change. Each of us can cast off those labels that are like chains holding us down. We can only reach our potential by defining ourselves.

The pain of the labels that others have put on us should be cast aside. I truly believe that one of the wonderful things about Jesus is that he always saw the potential in the people he met. He understood that a sinner had the opportunity to change and grow as a person. It only required love, hope, faith, and casting aside labels and fulfilling potential. Do not let anyone else or your past define who you are today and stunt your potential. You are who you desire to be and should not be imprisoned by others’ visions of you. Go out into the world with confidence and love and share the gifts that are waiting to be discovered.


Cast Labels Aside