Question: What is the difference between a diocesan priest and a priest in a religious order?

Question: What is meant by apostolic succession?

Our Catholic faith is understood through two major building blocks: Scripture and Tradition. When Christ established the Church, He gave us these beautiful gifts so that we might grow ever closer to God and spread the Gospel to the whole world. He also gave us an additional gift that is a stark reminder of the fact that the Church is both living and trustworthy: apostolic succession.

Catholic Classroom: How is someone declared a saint?
Question: How does someone get declared a saint?

Question: What does the Church say about marriage? 

Since God created the earth, marriage has been a part of His divine plan. Though the relationship between man and woman (and, therefore, marriage) was damaged by original sin, Jesus repaired this relationship and raised marriage to a sacrament. The Church recognizes marriage as a sacred institution that is not merely a personal decision, but a vocation.

Question: Do Catholics worship Mary?

Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa | Text: What are the principles of Catholic Social Teaching?
Question: What are the main principles of Catholic social teaching?

Catholic Classroom: What is a guardian angel?
Question: What is a guardian angel?

Good news: God has assigned a unique guardian angel to you who is tasked with protecting you and guiding you toward salvation. We celebrate the Memorial of the Guardian Angels on October 2.

What are holy days of obligation?

Question: What are holy days of obligation?


Question: Was Mary born with original sin?

Catholics hold the belief that the Blessed Virgin Mary was born without original sin. This belief is referred to as the Immaculate Conception. The concept of the Immaculate Conception goes back to the early Church Fathers, but it was not officially defined by the Church until 1854.

Question: What does the Church say about immigration?