Three crosses on the horizon

If you spend all week looking forward to Friday, you’re not alone. It’s common practice to view Friday as the end of the work week and the gateway to the weekend, which means it is time to let loose and relax. No doubt, people really mean it when they say, “Thank God it’s Friday.”


One of the unique things about Catholicism is its rich history of spiritual traditions. All our beliefs and traditions, as Catholics, are rooted in Jesus Christ. But, as we are distinct members of his Body, different kinds of spirituality have developed to help lead all people, with diverse talents and ways of life, to God. One of the most well-known traditions is Ignatian spirituality, which was developed by St.

How to Encourage Loved Ones to Come Back to the Church

How to Come Back to the Church

by Jay Fadden

I am a failure! There is no other way to put it. Why am I such a failure? Let me explain. I wrote a blog recently, and in the comment section, Patrick asked the following:

“A topic of interest to me is how to be a good Catholic man in the secular 'guy' world. i.e. How to be relevant and have influence by being 'one of the guys' while still being true to your faith and evangelizing effectively.”