by Jay Fadden

Many years ago, I used to play pickup basketball with a group of people I had met over the years. We would get together every Friday during lunch break and play at a local YMCA. The players were of all different talent levels, different ages, and from various backgrounds. I always looked forward to playing not only for the game, but also because of the relationships I had formed with the other players.

How to Encourage Loved Ones to Come Back to the Church

by Jay Fadden

James, Amelia, and Ethan Fadden
by Jay Fadden

Hi everyone! Below, you will find an article I wrote ten years ago. I would appreciate if you could read it, and then I would like to bring you up to date and reflect on it. I hope you enjoy reading.

Clocks showing time passing
by Jay Fadden
Silhouette of a father and son in the sunset
by Jay Fadden

Snowy cemetary
by Jay Fadden

A child shoots a basketball surrounded by people on the court
by Jay Fadden