#CRSMedia Trip to Ghana | Media Monday

In January I had the privilege to travel to Ghana as part of a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) sponsored trip for media. There were five radio personalities and administration people and I was there for TV. Ghana is an amazing country and I am grateful to CRS for the opportunity.

Let me take some time to address and acknowledge that there has been resistance and outright dismissal of CRS projects, but I can confidently state that all clinics and agencies were adhering to Catholic teaching. In fact one clinic, which is hosted in collaboration with a Baptist agency, clearly drew attention to the distinctiveness of Catholic NFP as opposed to the Baptist allowance for contraception. In the clinic, an effective means for teaching NFP is cycle beads. A young couple visited our group and they candidly discussed the benefits and challenges of using the cycle beads in their first year of married life. Natural Family Planning has provided Ghanaian families the opportunity to have healthier babies, healthier moms and healthier families.

In addition to the agencies and clinics we visited tribal communities. There were days we spent 11 hours in the van getting from one community to another - the travel across the potholed riddled roads was so worth the experience. Each tribe welcomes us with dancing, drumming and skits. Some neighboring tribe members walked up to 2 hours to welcome us. The hospitality extended to us was exuberant.

The group was afforded the opportunity to visit a seminary, meet with the Archbishop and a Bishop of another diocese, as well as a number of Kay people who are working hard to bring Catholic radio and web media to the people of Ghana. The faith demographics of Ghana is made up of Muslims, Christians and traditionalists; the country has worked diligently to keep peace amongst the tribes and the faith groups. There are instances where there are members of each faith in a family within the tribe.

I learned so much on this trip, from my traveling companions, from CRS, from the people in Ghana and from the various media outlets that cover both faith, media and Ghana. I look forward to sharing more about the trip. But know that CRS translates the four marks of our Church into much-needed services for others on our behalf. 




#CRSMedia Trip to Ghana | Media Monday