Departing for Rome | Canonization 2014

KJ Johnson sets up in St Peter's SquareWe are so pleased to be partnering with RD Sahl, KJ Johnson and Matt Younis (Matt and KJ are Boston University students) who are in Rome for the Canonizations of Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II. RD, KJ and Matt will be our on the ground crew at the Vatican and we are excited to bring you their content!

On that note, we'll also be featuring guest blogs from our team as they become available. KJ sent us this reflection on her experience before departing for the eternal city. Check it out:

Matt and I were standing together, confused, wondering why RD had called us into his office. 

He told us he was going to Rome for the canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, and was inviting us to join him. RD asked us to give him our answers soon, but without thinking I blurted out, "I'm in!" Matt and I left RD's office with ear-to-ear grins that even the frigid January temperatures couldn't stop.

It's four months later and we're sitting in the Philadelphia International Airport, waiting to board our plane to Rome. The months have flown by, and I have to admit that this day snuck up on me. I'm willed with the nervous excitement that accompanies most new experiences. Lucky for me, it's more excitement than it is nerves. These next few days will be some of the most intense days of my life up to this point, but I can say without hesitation that they will also be the most rewarding. 

We're at the gate, charging our electronics so that we'll be prepared to hit the ground running as soon as we land. I can hear some of my fellow passengers speaking Italian, and I can't help but wonder if we'll be seeing them again among the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square this Sunday.



Catch KJ and Matt on This is the Day tomorrow (4/25) LIVE at 10:30am ET, and tune in to our Canonization coverage LIVE at 3:30am on Sunday, 4/27 (rebroadcast 11am).


Departing for Rome | Canonization 2014