Embrace What Makes You Different

by Jay Fadden

One pink flower among black and white flowers

Here is a news flash that will shock some of you: we are not all equal. Now, before you jump to conclusions, I am not talking about race, gender, or religion. I am talking about the notion that we are all the same. I want to play in the NBA or NFL, but I am too small, too slow, and am not as gifted as the players in those leagues. I am not equal to them as a player and I am not physically the same. But I may have gifts they do not have.

In today’s world, many cry out that we should all be equal, but they are missing the point. Not being equal might just be our greatest gift. Consider a choir for a moment. If all the people in the choir were all equal, then they would sound fine, but because they have different pitches in their voices, they harmonize, and that makes them spectacular. It is because they are different and not equal that they shine.

Through diversity, we realize the uniqueness and beauty of each individual person. You have gifts that I may never possess. It does not make you better than me, just different. It is through these differences that we all should receive the dignity and respect of others. St. Paul wrote about us making up one body and that each part of the body is important. Our differences should be embraced and encouraged. Think of a beautiful painting. Each color enhances the painting and shows the beauty. A canvas with one color would be a bit boring. We are not equal, and that is not just OK, but it is what makes us special. Do not run from who you are, but be that voice in the choir or that color on the painting that turns something average into a masterpiece.


Embrace What Makes You Different