How to Handle a Bad Day

by Jay Fadden

A sad dog rests his head on a cushion

Hi everyone! I hope that your day is going well. In fact, that is what I want to write about.

I want to be clear that I am not talking about depression, which is so debilitating, but just a random bad day.

Not every day is perfect. Let’s face the facts. Some days just are hard and we cannot wait for them to end. We can have a bad day. There can be many reasons for bad days. Work, home, family, friends, or just being a bit down can all contribute to a bad day.

Here is the reassuring fact. Everyone has them. No one is living the perfect, happy existence that shields them from having a bad day. So you are not alone or unusual. You are like most people who shrug their shoulders and just try to get through that bad day.

I have had those bad days myself. Unfortunately, there are times when those bad days manifest into bad behavior towards others or a bad attitude. I can be short or critical and have been known to have a short temper. I am not proud of those moments, but have strived to improve. I try to reset the day and move forward with a more positive attitude knowing that my bad day could lead to others having a bad day.

There are moments when I will reflect on why I am having a bad day, and sometimes it is not others, but me. I have put too much pressure on myself or misconstrued a statement someone made to me, putting my own spin on it. It may be that life feels unfair or finances are tough. Maybe a family member is ill or there is family strife. There have been times when I was just overthinking something.

But through all of these tough moments that turn into a bad day, I have come to understand that I need to turn it around. It is not easy and not always successful, but I keep trying.

So below I have put my checklist of how to shake off a bad day:

  • Pray – You are not alone. Many times, we think we need to handle a bad day by ourselves without remembering that Jesus walks beside us only waiting to be welcomed into our lives.
  • Reset the day – When a bad day starts, make it end and start fresh with a new attitude. You are the only one who can restart your day.
  • Talk to others – Let people know you are having a bad day. I have to tell you that it feels better when you share with others.
  • Remember all the gifts in your life – Whether it be family or friends, we all have many gifts that we cherish and enjoy. As an aside, you are one of those gifts to your family and friends.
  • You are loved – Don’t we all just want to be loved and recognized for who we are? God loves us, as do so many others. Open yourself to love, because that is the greatest gift.
  • A bad day is a just moment in time – The day will pass. You may have a few bad days in a row, but keep moving towards that good day!
  • Don’t carry the burden alone – As a loving community, we need to support and reach out to each other. Many times, we feel as if others do not want to hear about our bad day, but people want to support each other and feel honored to be involved.
  • Don’t always isolate yourself – When I am having a bad day, I sometimes want to just be left alone. That is ok and understandable and can be positive. I like to get out and walk. I like to feel the breeze and look around when I walk, knowing that I am part of something great.
  • Know you are special – We each have our own gifts and talents. It may be a bit hidden, but we are all different and have so much to offer. We are all called by name! You are unique and special. Realize that people look upon you as a gift in their life for who you are.
  • Smile – A smile goes a mile. Have you ever noticed that if a person smiles or laughs, others around them will do the same?
  • Accept that you’re having a bad day – It’s ok to have a bad day. It happens, and there is nothing weird or strange about it. Accept that it is happening, address it, and try to move on.
  • Do something that makes you happy – That can be eating junk food, walking, playing an instrument, hanging out with family or friends, or just reading a book. Change the environment.
  • Don’t hide it – Let it out. I’m having a bad day and I am going to reset.

So today, if you are having a bad day, take a moment to quietly think about it and know that you are not alone and things will improve.

So with a smile and optimism, I say, “Have a great day.”

Your friend,



How to Handle a Bad Day