Introducing Media Monday

We are excited to include a weekly post on media in The CatholicTV Network blog, which will be published on Mondays. Media Monday joins such impressive and alliterative features as Wisdom Wednesday and Faith Friday.

The goal of the Media Monday post is:

  • Share a current update/issue facing media outlets
  • Share insights & reviews of media releases
  • Increase awareness of availability of media releases
  • Articulate some of the challenges facing media producers and outlets
  • Encourage readership to advocate for amazing media
  • Offer prayerful support for those in media

CatholicTV regularly receives copies of review materials to consider coverage and possibly feature an author or artist on one of our shows. We will of course be forthright about the sources of review materials in the interest of sharing thoughtful opinions on media, particularly in faith-based arena.

A good place to start is with prayer. Please take a moment to offer a prayer for all those engaged in producing media, managing media outlets, writing books, creating art, etc. We at CatholicTV recognize and respect the need of TV producers, authors and others to honor their talents, make a living and remain authentic.

Father James Alberione (founder of the Daughters of St. Paul) Prayer for the Media:

Prayer for the Apostolate of the Means of Social Communication

God, to communicate your love to men and women, you sent your only Son Jesus Christ into the world and made him our Master - the Way, Truth, and Life of humanity. Grant that the media of social communication - press, film, radio, television, records, internet and all forms of digital communication – may always be used for your glory and the good of all. Raise up vocations for this multimedia apostolate, and inspire all people of good will to contribute with prayer, action, and offerings, so that through these means the Church may preach the Gospel to all peoples. Amen.


-Bonnie Rodgers


Introducing Media Monday