International Day for Tolerance Novena: Day 5 | Global Goodness

There are some issues that are so big, they cannot be limited to the decisions of a single person. These issues also have far-reaching effects. These issues are of global significance.

Famine. War. Economics. All these issues are global. They can affect a single country and create ripples throughout the rest of the world; or, they can affect multiple countries at the same time, and create even bigger ripples.

It is important for those of us in the United States to realize that we have the privilege and responsibility of being a country with global significance. The decisions we make as a country affect not only our citizens, but also countries, governments, and individuals around the world.

With this kind of power, we can be an international source of goodness, of malice, or of neutrality. Of course, this power is not limited to the United States alone, but that does not reduce our responsibility to work for the common good.

We ask that God grant us the fruit of the Spirit, goodness, and guide us in all our decision-making to seek global good. Together with Bishop Reed, we pray:

As we move forward as a nation, we know that we are a country with global significance, and that the things we do matter on a large scale. So we ask the Spirit for grace for the fruit of goodness. May we have a posture first of goodness toward the whole world, and one that desires sincerely for global good (as opposed to power or success for us).


International Day for Tolerance Novena: Day 5 | Global Goodness