International Day for Tolerance Novena: Day 6 | Diplomacy & Self-control

In nearly every election, there is a sizable minority that did not get what it wanted. Whether it is a candidate who didn’t get elected or a policy question that went differently than we expected, elections seem to be set up for bitter disappointment on at least one side.

As with all disappointment, there are two ways we can respond to an electoral disappointment: with acceptance, or with anger. The difference between these two reactions takes on great importance when we consider that in an election, there is often a person or group of people we feel tempted to blame when things do not go our way.

We are fortunate in the United States to have an electoral process that values the voice of the people. Our goal in accepting the results of an election, whether those results were favorable or unfavorable, is to conduct ourselves with diplomacy with the people with whom we disagree. After all, every result calls us to work together. If your side won, win graciously; and if your side lost, concede graciously.

We ask God to grant us the fruit of the Spirit, self-control, to guide us in moving forward to work with others diplomatically. Together with Bishop Reed, we pray:

Five days after the election, we may still be feeling contentious and fearful. We ask the Holy Spirit to give us grace to bear the fruit of self-control. May we start waves of healing by our own self-control.


International Day for Tolerance Novena: Day 6 | Diplomacy & Self-control