Reformer Saint | Colette of Corbie

CatholicTV Webathon Novena: Day 7

 Thank you for dedicating nine days of your Lenten journey to the CatholicTV Webathon Novena. Today, Day 7 of the Novena, we ask Saint Colette of Corbie to pray for us.

Colette was born in Corbie, France in 1381 and was orphaned at the age of 17. She became a Franciscan tertiary and was well known for her holiness and spiritual wisdom. At age 21 Colette became an anchoress; a woman walled into a room whose only opening was a window into a church. After 4 years of penance and prayer in her cell, she had a vision of St. Francis ordering her to leave and restore the Rule of St. Clare. The Pope approved Colette’s entry into the Poor Clares and her reintroduction of the primitive Rule of St. Clare. The sisters of the primitive Rule lived radical poverty and perpetually fasted. Colette’s reform took place during the Western Schism when the Church was utterly divided. She responded to the need for a return to the heart of the Gospel, and her reform has had lasting effects on the Church.

O Blessed Jesus, I dedicate myself to You in health, in illness, in my life, in my death, in all my desires, in all my deeds, so that, I may never work henceforth except for Your glory, for the salvation of souls, and for that which You have chosen me. From this moment on, oh dearest Lord, there is nothing which I am not prepared to undertake for love of You. Amen.


Today, fast from secular media and watch religious programming instead. We recommend watching an episode of our women’s talk show, The Gist.

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Reformer Saint | Colette of Corbie