Servant of God Dorothy Day

CatholicTV Webathon Novena: Day 4

Thank you for dedicating nine days of your Lenten journey to the CatholicTV Webathon Novena. Today, Day 4 of the Novena, we ask Servant of Dorothy Day to pray for us.

During her young adult life, Dorothy Day worked a journalist for socialist publications, became friends with well-known artists and writers, fought for workers’ rights, fell in love a few times, had an abortion, and attempted suicide. During her tumultuous young life, she slowly became interested in Catholicism and especially its commitment to the poor. When her daughter was born she had her baptized, and after that Dorothy steadily became more active in her faith. In 1932 she met a Catholic man named Peter Maurin who shared her love of social justice and her mission to serve. He helped give Dorothy a theological grounding for the work that she felt so strongly called to do. Together they founded a publication called The Catholic Worker which was met with great success. The Catholic Worker blossomed into a movement that consisted of community houses for the poor and farming communes where people, including Dorothy, lived and worked together. Throughout her life Dorothy continued to work with pacifist groups and worker’s unions. In 1955, she professed vows as a Benedictine oblate. Dorothy Day became well known as a woman who gave her whole life to heeding Christ’s call to care for the poor and outcast members of society. Dorothy Day died in 1980, but the Catholic Worker movement and the legacy she left behind still live on today.

Lord, grant us courage to use our voices for the poor and give us hearts willing to help the needy in any way we can. We ask this through the intercession of Servant of God Dorothy Day. Amen.


Today, fast from secular media. Join us in praying the daily Mass!

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Servant of God Dorothy Day