From the First CatholicTV Telethon to Today

by Jay Fadden

The 2017 CatholicTV Telethon, 9/15 & 9/16

I have enjoyed writing this blog for many months. I have shared stories and thoughts about topics that are of interest to me and hopefully of interest to you. My only hesitation in writing the blog is the time it takes and coming up with enough material. I have come to a deeper appreciation for those who do this every day. I have told you about my family and friends and opened up about what is important in my life. In a sense, I have opened my life to you, and you have kindly humbled me by reading my musings.

One part of my life that has been present for over 30 years is CatholicTV. I have watched it grow and change from a small station into a national network. Those changes have been because of your generous support and the hard work of so many staff over these many years. None of what we have today would be possible without the contributions of so many faithful friends. The fruit of that work has been conversions to the faith, emotional support to those seeking the Word of God, a daily and Sunday Mass for people thirsting to have Jesus in their lives, and so much more. There are countless stories of people whose lives have been positively affected by CatholicTV, from the widow who wrote that it was lonely hearing only her own footsteps, but what a gift it was to be able to turn on CatholicTV, to the young boy who started watching the Mass, and soon his family joined him and converted to the faith. There is story after story of the power of CatholicTV and how it has changed lives.

Many years ago, Father Frank was dismayed at the financial state of CatholicTV. The donations were low that month, and as a worrier, Father Frank was concerned about the future. He was concerned because he knew how important it was to so many. Well, Father was worried and brought it up to his good friend Jack Lawless, who looked at him and said, “Father, if God wants it to happen, it will.” That was of great comfort to Father Frank.

I am a bit like Father Frank. I am a worrier. Our mail has been down, while our expenses have risen. I am asking for your help. This weekend, September 15th and 16th, we are having the CatholicTV Telethon. This will be our 26th year having the Telethon, and I have had a front row seat to every one of them. I am asking that you consider making a donation—a donation that can help us continue the work that so many before us started. I have believed in you because you have believed in us. Please do what you can, and if you cannot make a donation today, please say a prayer for the success of the Telethon. Here is the link to make a donation.


From the First CatholicTV Telethon to Today