The Most Effective How-To Book

by Jay Fadden

The Bible open on a desk

How-to books seem to be all the rage today. You can buy a how-to book or go online to learn how to lose weight, play a sport, play an instrument, raise a child, cook a meal, and so much more. There are also “Dummies’ Guide” books for everything. You can learn anything you want by buying a book and reading. If you have a problem, then there is a book for you!

I have many problems. I am always looking online for how to fix a car problem or cook the perfect scrambled eggs. There have been many times when I have read about how to improve in many aspects of my life, whether it is in sports, music, being a father, or how to plant a garden.

It seems to all come down to searching—searching for answers to diverse questions on many topics that we seek answers to. Yet the best how-to book sometimes gets overlooked. That book is the Bible.

The Bible has examples of how we should live our lives and treat one another. There are stories we can relate to, and those stories help us to comprehend our situation. If you’re feeling sad, read the Bible. If you are lonely and feel insignificant, read First Corinthians. On and on it goes. The Bible is a guide to better living and understanding our place, not just in this world, but beyond.

So, if you want to read a good how-to book, I have a great recommendation.


The Most Effective How-To Book