Top 5 Moments of the CatholicTV Telethon

Telethon gives us a chance each year to step back and reflect on everything that has happened since the last Telethon. This year is especially nostalgic for us here at CatholicTV as we celebrate 25 years of Telethon. We took a look back at some of our favorite Telethon moments over the years. Here are our top 5:

5. Fire Alarm Blooper 

During an interview during the 2003 Telethon, the fire alarm unexpectedly went off—and fire alarms have a way of dominating the shoot. We took a short break and everything turned out fine, but this was a good reminder of what can happen on live television!

4. I’ll Be Seeing You

Father Chris Hickey, Father Paul Rouse, and Father Robert Reed performed the classic tune “I’ll Be Seeing You,” a favorite for fans of CatholicTV’s Going My Way, in 2014.

3. Like Father, Like Daughter

CatholicTV’s Kevin Nelson and his daughter, Emily, age 4, sang a duet of “Could We Start Again Please” in 2006. We have been lucky to have Emily continue to perform on the Telethon over the years. This year, we will have a special treat as Emily and Kevin reprise their performance from 2006.

2. Meet the Faddens

In 1997, Msgr. Frank McFarland introduced the CatholicTV audience to Shirley, who would go on to marry Jay Fadden. In this clip, Msgr. McFarland and Shirley hint that some people expected Jay to become a priest, until he met Shirley. Keep an eye out for Shirley and the Fadden children in this year’s Telethon and clips from years past!

1. Directors, Old and New

CatholicTV’s former Director, Msgr. McFarland, spoke with a young Father Reed in this clip. Little did either of them know, Father Reed would later become President of CatholicTV and, as of this summer, Bishop Reed.

Want to see more favorite clips and live performances? Tune in to CatholicTV's Telethon 25 on Friday, September 9 from 9am to 9pm and Saturday, September 10 from 9am to 10pm!


Top 5 Moments of the CatholicTV Telethon