Venerable José Gregorio Hernández

CatholicTV Webathon Novena: Day 7

Thank you for dedicating nine days of your Lenten journey to the CatholicTV Webathon Novena. Today, Day 7 of the Novena, we ask Venerable José Gregorio Hernández to pray for us.

José Gregorio Hernández was born in 1864 and raised in a small Venezuelan village where he lived with his parents and six siblings. After high school, José Gregorio began medical schooling at Universidad Central de Venezuela and excelled at his studies. He continued his schooling in Paris where he studied bacteriology, microbiology, physiology, and other fields of medicine. He finally returned to Venezuela where he worked at a hospital and became a leading doctor of medicine. He woke up at 5am every morning to pray and go to Mass, and spent his free time serving the poor and tending to their medical needs. Jose Gregorio deeply desired to be a monk, but after spending time in a monastery, the austere way of life debilitated his health and he was forced to return home to heal. Back in Venezuela he joined a diocesan seminary, but soon left for Rome so he could study theology and prepare to again attempt entering a monastery. Once again, his health failed him and he developed a disease that sent him home. After these two attempts to enter religious life, Jose Gregorio spent the rest of his life as a layperson using his talent as a doctor to serve the most needy in Venezuela. He was known as “the doctor of the poor.” One day in 1919, while bringing medicine to a sick elderly woman, Jose Gregorio was struck by a car and died.

Lord, give us the grace to always seek the good of others before our own. Please help us to joyfully serve you in all the people we meet. We ask this through the intercession of Venerable José Gregorio Hernández. Amen.


Fast from secular media and watch some of CatholicTV’s programming instead. We recommend an episode of Repent & Submit.









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Venerable José Gregorio Hernández