Why the New Evangelization Is for Everyone

Hearing the word “evangelize” can seem intimidating. It is easy to come up with reasons why we would not make a good evangelist. “I don’t know enough theology … Evangelizing is for people who are outgoing … Isn’t being Catholic different from being Evangelical?” The list goes on. That last reason is true—Catholic is different than Evangelical. However, all Catholics are called to evangelize—to spread the faith to our nonbelieving or fallen away brothers and sisters.

What, then, is the New Evangelization? It can mean different things to different people, but in a nutshell, the New Evangelization is the movement for Catholics to know, live, and share their faith among people who have never heard the Gospel and especially among Catholics who have drifted away from their beliefs into the secular world. The blessing of our modern age is that we have more and more ways to spread the Gospel all the time.

We can see this everywhere we turn. Whether in a religious community like the Daughters of St. Paul (the “Media Nuns”) or in a lay apostolate like Catholics Come Home, Catholics are using the arts, technology, social media, and other means to glorify God and spread the Gospel message to places it might otherwise be difficult to reach. At CatholicTV, we use television, Facebook, Twitter, emails, and more.

Evangelizing is not just limited to religious communities or organizations centered on the Church. It doesn’t matter what you do in life–you are still called to evangelize. This has always been true, ever since Jesus sent out His first Apostles. The blessing of the New Evangelization is that it opens up even more doors for the ways we can evangelize. There are truly no limits. The New Evangelization encourages you to use the gifts God has given you to glorify Him and bring others to Him. What better use for the gift of your talents?


Why the New Evangelization Is for Everyone