"Day 1 | Fulton Sheen"
Posted by on 03/5/2020
CatholicTV Webathon Novena: Day 1

Thank you for dedicating nine days of your Lenten journey to the CatholicTV Webathon Novena. Today, Day 1 of the Novena, we ask Venerable Fulton Sheen to pray for us.

The Chair of St. Peter, a relic in the apse of St. Peter's Basilica
Posted by Alexis Richard on 02/20/2020

The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter is observed on February 22nd every year. In part, the feast celebrates the physical chair of Saint Peter, which is preserved as a relic behind the altar at Saint Peter’s Basilica. More importantly though, the feast celebrates the spiritual authority that the chair represents.

Ink drawing of Fr. Augustus Tolton
Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 02/19/2020

Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 01/27/2020

Tens of thousands of feet marching up Constitution Avenue. Tens of thousands of heartbeats inside bundled up bodies. Tens of thousands of voices crying out that life is precious. Every time I attend the March for Life, I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of people--regardless of age, race, political affiliation, or creed--who show up to proclaim the pro-life message. Here are just a few of the powerful witnesses at this year's March:

"My life is worth more than a Golden Globe"

Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 10/22/2019

“Perhaps, I love you more!”

Priest elevating a host during Mass
Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 08/26/2019

Religious sisters laughing and walking
Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 08/23/2019

While talking to my pastor a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I hadn’t met a religious sister until after college. He was surprised to learn this at first, but then, he realized it made a lot of sense—religious sisters just aren’t as present in parishes as they used to be, at least in our area of the country.