two saints
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Question: Do Catholics worship the saints?
Both Species
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Question: Do we need to receive Holy Communion under both species?

The Eucharist is the foundation of our Catholic faith and the “source and summit” of Christian life. (CCC 1324). When Jesus told his apostles to eat his body and drink his blood at the Last Supper, he instituted this sacrament that we now partake in every time we go to Mass and receive Holy Communion.

A painting of Saints Joachim and Anne meeting at the city gate. text: by Erin Butler
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A pen resting on top of an open notebook. Text: by Jay Fadden
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Question: Who are all the women named Mary in the Gospels?

In addition to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, the Gospels mention a few other women named Mary. We’ve created a list to help you understand who all these women were!

Jesus with Jairus' sick daughter
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Jay's grandmother holds Jay's infant daughter, Amelia
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My grandmother was a wonderful woman. She was very kind to me and always treated me with love and sensitivity. As a child, I would stay down the Cape with her and my grandfather, and I always looked forward to those visits. They were filled with fun and laughter. All of her grandchildren called her “Mom.” It was a bit different, but it fit her perfectly.

Catholic Classroom: What is the brown scapular?
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Question: What is the brown scapular and why do we wear it?

A black cat. text: by Erin Butler
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It’s Friday the 13th—a day that strikes genuine fear into the hearts of many people who consider themselves otherwise rational. But if you run into a Catholic who is faithfully following the teachings of the Church, you won’t find them in distress today. That’s because Catholics have found something that far surpasses any superstitious belief: the truth of the Gospel.

Boy holding basketball
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