Why is Lent 40 Days?
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/16/2018
Question: Why is Lent 40 days?

We know that Lent is a season of preparation; a time to pray, fast, and give alms in order to ready our hearts for Easter. However, you might be wondering—why is Lent forty days?

A woman prays beside a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/15/2018

Lord Jesus,
We ask you to bless and protect all those whose lives are at risk,
Especially the most vulnerable.

A woman looks at her reflection in the window on a bus
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/14/2018
by Jay Fadden

Catholic Classroom: Why do we wear ashes on Ash Wednesday?
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/12/2018
Question: Why do we put ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday?

If you are Catholic, then you are probably accustomed to the practice of going to Mass and getting ashes put on your forehead on Ash Wednesday. But why ashes? What do they mean?

Crucifix hanging on the wall
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/9/2018

The Bible open on a desk
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/7/2018
by Jay Fadden

How-to books seem to be all the rage today. You can buy a how-to book or go online to learn how to lose weight, play a sport, play an instrument, raise a child, cook a meal, and so much more. There are also “Dummies’ Guide” books for everything. You can learn anything you want by buying a book and reading. If you have a problem, then there is a book for you!

What is the Church doing to combat human trafficking?
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/5/2018
What is the Church doing to combat human trafficking?

Saint John Bosco
Posted by Erin Butler on 02/2/2018

As we wrap up Catholic Schools Week, we’d like to highlight some of the saints who have had the biggest impact on Catholic education. These 6 individuals were fiercely dedicated to accessible education for all people, especially those who were most needy. The following saints (and one blessed) were wonderful examples of using their God-given gifts to reach out to all of God’s children.

Catholic Classroom: What is unique about Catholic schools?
Posted by Erin Butler on 01/29/2018
Question: What is unique about a Catholic education?

Saint Paul writing
Posted by Erin Butler on 01/26/2018

Today, we celebrate the feast of Saints Timothy and Titus, two bishops of the early Church who worked closely with St. Paul. Often, Paul is described as the spiritual father of Timothy and Titus. He guided them in their missions forming the early Church and profoundly influenced their own faith lives. Thanks to the collaboration of Paul, Timothy, and Titus, the early Church had a strong foundation in the geographical areas they evangelized.