Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 05/8/2015

In today's Gospel, we hear something special from our Lord:

I have called you friends.

A painting of Saints Joachim and Anne meeting at the city gate. text: by Erin Butler
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Before you head to the beach or fire up the grill this Memorial Day, I encourage you to take a few moments to ponder the sacrifices made by the many men and women who have served our country in the military. On this day, we remember and pray for these souls who died so that we may live in freedom.

Divine Mercy
Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 04/6/2018

In two days we will celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday which was established by Pope Saint John Paul II in 2000. But Christ’s unfathomable mercy has been available to us long before the Church officially instituted a day to celebrate it. Saint Paul, one of the first Christians, was eager to remind us of that:

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How does one become a Saint? Well, repentance is step one, of course, followed by faith in Jesus Christ, frequent participation in the Sacraments, and practice of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. But the many lists of 7 that the Church offers us to help on our path to Sainthood can be daunting, especially if we don't understand how to implement what they call for on a daily, human level. So why don't we take a small step back, and examine a few ways we can reshape our day-to-day practices by looking at the lives of the Saints.


Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 03/20/2015

Pope Francis has offered us a lot of advice on how to be better Christians and people. He's also taken a hard look at some practices among the faithful that have long been accepted in different forms, but that are bad for spiritual health.

Posted by Erin Butler on 03/24/2017

On March 25, nine months before Christmas, we celebrate one of the Church’s most important feast days, the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. Like all solemnities, this feast is one of formal celebration and great joy. The Annunciation is particularly special to many Catholics because it brings together three Catholic beliefs that are intrinsic to our faith.

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August 15 marks the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This solemnity celebrates the end of Mary’s earthly life and the beginning of her heavenly life, in keeping with the Catholic dogma that Mary was assumed, body and soul, into heaven. Though belief in the Assumption dates back to the early days of the Church, it was not declared dogma until 1950.