Wednesday, Holy Week 2018
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Matthew 26:14-25

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Rosary beads resting on an open Bible
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Hello my blogolite friends. I am standing in St. Peter's Square as I type this and am stunned by what I am witnessing.
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From Slate:

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Outside Catholic circles, the concept of sacramentals is not something widely understood. Sacramentals are not sacraments, like baptism or marriage. Nor are they “good luck charms” or symbols of superstition. They can, however, bring us graces, and they remind us of our closeness with God.

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Here at the CatholicTV Network we know a lot about video. About 40% of our on-air programming is produced right here in our Watertown, Massachusetts based studios. Our intent is for the programs to be seen on TV, but today’s viewers are using handheld devices to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

Tuesday, Holy Week 2018
Posted by Kelsey Cronin on 03/27/2018

John 13:21-33, 36-38

 Jesus is deeply troubled. Night has fallen. One apostle is about to betray Jesus and another is going to deny him three times. The darkness of the coming events is palpable in this Gospel reading.

A group of children playing with buckets outside
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by Jay Fadden

There is a saying that I am sure you have heard: Treat others how you want to be treated. It makes a lot of sense. I have used this expression many times and have tried to use it to model how I deal with people.

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Telethon gives us a chance each year to step back and reflect on everything that has happened since the last Telethon. This year is especially nostalgic for us here at CatholicTV as we celebrate 25 years of Telethon. We took a look back at some of our favorite Telethon moments over the years. Here are our top 5:

5. Fire Alarm Blooper