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Now that the 2014 midterm elections are over, there can be two temptations: 

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Below is the full text of Pope Francis' Easter Blessing (thanks to Vatican News):

Dear Brothers and Sisters, a Happy and Holy Easter!

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Pope Francis has released his message for Lent 2017, which begins on Wednesday, March 1. For this season of conversion, Pope Francis asks us to remember that "the Word is a gift" and "other persons are a gift," and calls to mind the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

The Holy Father says:

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There is not much I can add to the wonderful night that just took place at St. Peter's. 

It was truly an extraordinary experience that was so presented so well by the CatholicTV Network.  The entire staff did an excellent job in bringing these events into your home.  It was truly a team effort. 

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World Youth Day approaches, and with it a certain outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our young Catholics. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from around the world are already arriving in Rio, eager to be envigorated in their faith by our truly paternal spiritual leader, Pope Francis.

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Father O'Regan and his sister
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1917 was not an easy year for the world. The nations were in the midst of the largest and most horrific conflict the world had yet seen: World War I. The present—and the future—looked bleak.

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Pope Francis' Prayer for May 2016: Respect for Women and the Rosary Universal

Pope Francis' universal prayer intention for May 2016 is that "women may be honored and respected" around the world.

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Prayer for March 2016: Families in Difficulty and Persecuted Christians