Carry Your Faith 2.0

The CatholicTV Network now offers a new mobile app. The November CatholicTV magazine highlights all its features. Helen Lee, wrote the cover story and says the app is like having “CatholicTV in your pocket, one touch (née “click”) away.” Read this month’s issue and learn how to download the app. Programming highlights, notes from the president and vice president, the This is the Day schedule and Mass schedule can be found in every magazine. Subscribe for FREE now.

CatholicTV Magazine Catholic Roots in America
Catholic Roots in America

Read this month's cover story about a Catholic family from Maryland that layed the roots of Catholicism in America. All month, new original programming airs along with new episodes from our partners. In this month's magazine, read about what the church says about immigration; CatholicTV's summer programming highlights; notes from Bishop Robert Reed and Jay Fadden; and Calling Young Catholics by Erin Butler. Schedules for CatholicTV Mass and This is the Day are in every issue.

Catholics Come Home, the tv series

This month, The CatholicTV Network premieres the moving television series, recorded on location across North America, called Catholics Come Home. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home. The magazine's cover story tells all about it. You can also get programming highlights for April including Holy Week and the Easter season. Notes from Father Robert Reed and Jay Fadden, Mass schedule and more in every magazine.

CatholicTV Magazine Catholics in the Crescent City
Catholics in the Crescent City

For over 300 years, the Catholic Church in New Orleans (NOLA) has been a fabric of the people that have lived there. Thanks to WLAE, the past 30 years, the Catholic Church in New Orleans has had presence on broadcast and cable TV to reach the people in NOLA and far beyond. Read about NOLA, WLAE and CatholicTV in this month's cover story. Tune in the special documentaries about 300 years of NOLA and CatholicTV programming from the Crescent City. Check out the new 24/7 programming schedule and a list of all the special events airing in May. Each month enjoy notes from Bishop Reed, Jay Fadden and more!