February 10, 2015 Watertown, Mass.- On February 20, 2015 CatholicTV will host a very special episode of “This is the Day”.  Joining us in the living room will be Dr. Mary Beth Yount discussing the World Meeting of Families, and James and Kathleen Littleton, the hosts for CatholicTV’s new series, “Forming Faithful Families”.

Dr. Mary Beth Yount is a well-known Theologian and Assistant Professor of Pastoral and Theological Studies at Neumann University and has been named director of content and programming for the World Meeting of Families. She has performed 85 presentations in both the United States and internationally on theology of the family, education and parenting. Yount received her Bachelor’s degree from St. Thomas University, a Master’s degree in Theology from St. Mary’s University and her doctorate in Theology from Duquesne University. For more information on Dr. Mary Beth Yount, please visit: http://www.neumann.edu/about/news/news13-14/Yount.asp.

The World Meeting of Families which is the largest meeting of Catholic families in the world is expected to draw a large global audience to Philadelphia in September. The event is sponsored by the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for the Family and is coming up on its eighth meeting since the first gathering of families in Rome 1994. For more information on the World Meeting of Families, please visit the website at: www.worldmeeting2015.org.

In addition to Dr. Yount, James and Kathleen Littleton, co-hosts of CatholicTV’s new featured show, “Forming Faithful Families” will appear on “This Is the Day”. Their appearance ties in to the World Meeting of Families as “Forming Faithful Families” has the agenda of strengthening families through faith much like the agenda of the World Meeting of Families.

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