RENEWED in your parish, on your campus

The book RENEWED is a great resource for catechesis, conversation and encouraging a grassroots renewal in the Church today. An eleven-week series is suggested, beginning with an introductory session (using the introductory video), then each of the ten chapters of the book an easy to prepare and implement 60-90 minute program.

  1. Make available a copy of RENEWED for each member of the group
  2. Begin each session with a shared prayer initiated by the group leader or catechist
  3. View the video for each session together. Aside from the introduction, each video is in three segments. Each segment could be followed by a facilitated group discussion
  4. Before the third and final video segment pass out the handout for that session which includes a Scripture text, reflections and questions
  5. Close the session with the Sign of the Cross.

HD videos and resources for duplication will be found at: in October.