Tune in for a half hour full of insight, information, and faith with Catholics from around the universal Church, sharing their wisdom and practices of the faith.

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Heather King | Stumble

Father Larry Richards | Just Live It!

Father James Martin | 10 Things to Know About Jesus

Bishop Christopher Coyne | 10 Things We Want You to Know About the Catholic Faith

Danielle Bean (host of The Gist) | Momipotent: The Not-So- Perfect Woman's Guide to Catholic Motherhood




Jared Dees, author of the book To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach, talks about evangelizing as a Catholic.


In this Blink series, Father Richard Erikson considers the life and example of a few saints and saintly men and women who served God and country in military service with spiritual fortitude and courage.

Watch and share individual HD-quality episodes of No Greater Love, at its show page here at CatholicTV.com.


Father Robert Reed guides viewers in an in-depth exploration of Laudato Si, Pope Francis' ecological encyclical. Watch and share individual episodes of Our Common Home at its show page here at CatholicTV.com.


The Second Vatican Council calls us all to this mission: share the Gospel. In this Blink series, Sam Stanton explains the tole of Maryknoll Lay Missioners.



Heather King is the author of Stumble: Virtue, Vice and the Space Between, and her Blink series by the name highlights the virtues we can use to deal with what life throws at us (and might cause us to stumble).

Watch and share individual webisodes of Stumble here at CatholicTV.com.


In this Blink series, Sister Helena Burns helps viewers get to know Blessed James Alberione, in support of the documentary about the priest and founder of the Pauline Family, 'Media Apostle'.


Take a closer look at the issues of life and how you can make a difference for the dignity of every human being. 

With hosts MC Sullivan, Carolee McGrath, Father Myles Sheehan, Elizabeth Colby and Rod Murphy.

Watch and share individual pro-life videos at the Lifelines show page here at CatholicTV.com.


In Everything you Wanted to Know About Catholic Liturgy, Bishop Christopher Coyne answers frequently asked questions about the Catholic liturgy. 'Catholic Liturgy' is part of our Blink programming block.

Watch and share individual episodes here at CatholicTV.com.


Father Larry Richards, author of Just Live It!, walks us through living the principles of the Lord's Prayer. Watch and share webisodes of Just Live It in HD-quality, here at the website for America's Catholic Television Network.


In this Blink series, Allison Gingras reflects on using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to share the Catholic faith online. 


Learn about Catholic Saints and figures, feast days, worldwide Catholic customs and important moments throughout the liturgical year. Featured on This is the Day as well as the Blink programming block.




Short video segments from Catholic producers offer a fast-paced taste of the faith. Explore scripture and prayer, learn about Catholic teaching, and laugh and celebrate during this half hour programming block. 


Sundays 5:30 am, Mondays 1:30pm, Tuesdays 2 am, Fridays 7am 


Learn more about the Catholic colleges and universities throughout the United States. This half-hour programming block is full of short segments produced by and about higher education institutions throughout the country.


Mondays 1:30 am & 10 pm, Wednesdays 7 am, Thursdays 4:30 pm, Fridays 5:30am 


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