Caroline Myss, Radmar Jao, S.J., Sr. Nancy Sylvester and Ryan "Tin Whistle Priest" Duns, S.J. have an unforgettable conversation.


A faith conversation with Barry Taylor, a former AC/DC roadie who left that life behind when he found Go and became a Protestant pastor.


In this episode, learn more about the work of Women Religious across the United States. Meet chaplains in the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, and Bishop of Helena, George Thomas.


What happens when Anne Lamott hangs out with three Jesuits? Join the hosts of the Jesuit Rec Room as they speak with this celebrated novelist and political activist.


Interview with Father Greg Boyle, SJ founder of Home Boy Industries. On the topic of migrant ministry, Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima, WA talks about serving migrant workers by bringing the Mass to the farmfields in his diocese.


Catholic Extension president Father Jack Wall takes you through mission territory in our own country, and to the origins of the 110-year-old national fundraising organization that has built 12,000 church buildings across the United States. Father Robert Barron shares his experience of training priests to serve in Catholic communities where faith abounds, but financial resources do not.

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