Lorna Dueck and the Context team talk about natural disasters, God and science, and the massacre at a church in Sutherland, Texas.


In this episode of Context, Lorna Dueck and the ream share religion stories 500 years after the Reformation.


Lorna Dueck and the team at Context share stories of survival, hope, and recovery in Las Vegas.


Crisis in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria – and Haitian asylum seekers cross the border in droves in search of a new life in Quebec.


Lorna Dueck and the team at Context talk about what the proposed new tax changes mean for Canadians.

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Context with Lorna Dueck

Host Lorna Dueck and the Context team dig behind the headlines to investigate those points at which news and spirituality converge.


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Lorna Dueck is the host and executive producer of Context with Lorna Dueck, and president of Media Voice Generation, the Canadian charitable organization that produces the weekly broadcast. Context with Lorna Dueckexplores current affairs from a Christian perspective. Presenting “life beyond the headlines,” the half-hour television program airs on seven TV networks. Read more.