In this episode of CatholicTV's original series Encounter, hosted by Kevin Nelson:

  • Interview with Bishop Joseph Coffey
  • Interview with Bishop Chris Coyne
  • Obscure Saint of the Month: Saint Antonio de Sant’Anna Galvao (feast day Oct. 19)
  • Question of the Month
  • Survey Says

Saints Pontian and Hippolytus were a pope and antipope whose feast days are celebrated on the same day: August 13.


Kevin Nelson hosts.

  • Interview with Joe Boland, Vice President of Mission for Catholic Extension   
  • Interview with Jim Wahlberg about his book The Big Hustle: A Boston Street Kid's Story of Addiction and Redemption
  • Obscure Saint of the Month: Eusebius of Vercelli
  • Encounter Question of the Month: CatholicTV hosts share what they have missed the most during COVID-19 quarantine?

In this episode of CatholicTV's original series Encounter, hosted by Kevin Nelson:

  • Guests: Father Rafael Capo of the Southeast Pastoral Institute and Archbishop Timothy Broglio, Archdiocese for the Military Services
  • Obscure Saint of the Month: Francis Solano (feast day July 14)
  • Question of the month: Have there been any unexpected blessings for you during these days of isolation?
  • Survey Says



Kevin Nelson hosts the June episode of Encounter, CatholicTV's original series produced monthly in the spirit of Pope Francis’ call to go out and encounter others in the light of the Gospel.

  • Guest: Kathryn Jean Lopez senior fellow at the National Review Institute and an editor-at-large of National Review; author of  A Year with the Mystics: Visionary Wisdom for Daily Living
  • Obscure Saint: Blessed Raymond Lull (feast day June 30)
  • Question of the Month
  • Survey Says: COVID-19 made Christians stronger



Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter remotely while quarantined due to COVID-19.

  • Interview with Archbishop of Atlanta Gregory Hartmayer about the Catholic Communications Campaign
  • In-studio guest: Jonas Soto, production manager for the Catholic Radio and Television Network
  • Obscure Saint of the Month: Mary Magdalene of de Pazzi
  • Question of the Month: how important is the Eucharist?

Kevin Nelson hosts the monthly CatholicTV magazine series Encounter.

  • Interview with Bishop of Allentown Alfred Schlert discussing the “Healing our Church” program in his diocese
  • Interview with Father Myles Sheehan, SJ about the effects that Coronavirus is having on older folks
  • Obscure Saint of the Month: Casilda (feast day April 27)
  • Question of the month

Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter, the original CatholicTV magazine series, March 2020 episode.

  • Interview with Martin Doblmeier about Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story

  • Interview with Archbishop of Detroit Allen Vigneron about the archdiocese's Unleash the Gospel initiative

  • Saint of the month: Ludovico of Casoria

  • Survey Says: Holocaust


Join host Kevin Nelson for the CatholicTV original series produced monthly in the spirit of Pope Francis’ call to go out and encounter others in the light of the Gospel.

  • Guests: Patrick O'Brien, Faith Catholic and Mark Von Reidemann, Aid to the Church in Need
  • Reformer Saint of the Month
  • Viewers answer the question: how does the church each out to NONES?



Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter, The CatholicTV Network's monthly magazine-style show produced in light of Pope Francis' call to encounter others in the gospel.

In this episode, Nelson encounters Kari Beckman and they talk about Regina Coeli Academy, where she is the director of this school of classical hybrid education in the Catholic tradition. He also interviews Bishop Frank Dewane from the USCBB’s Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development. Obscure Saint of the Month is St. Hilary. Encounter Question of the Month and survey information about issues and trends that are important to Catholics and Christians alike, with reports from both Catholic News Service and Rome Reports.


Join host Kevin Nelson for the CatholicTV original series produced monthly in the spirit of Pope Francis’ call to go out and encounter others in the light of the Gospel. In the December episode, Nelson encounters Conor O’Loughlin discussing Catholic Relief Services in Afghanistan.

  • Meet Sister Anna Falola, a missionary in Nigeria
  • “Obscure Saint of the Month” is Saint Sabas
  • “Question of the Month” - are young Catholics practicing their faith?

Host Kevin Nelson encounters Bishop Phalana to discuss his Diocese of Klerksdorp, South Africa and about Ugandan martyrs. He has an exclusive interview with Brother Guy Consolmagno, director of Vatican Observatory. Street team question of the month (in honor of our guest from the observatory): Could there be life elsewhere in the universe? The "Obscure Saint of the Month" is considered one of the greatest female spiritual writers in Church history. 



Pope Pius V was elected to lead the body of Christ and zealously worked to implement the renewal of the Church mandated by the Council of Trent. As a Dominican friar devoted to a life of prayer, fasting and poverty, he called the princes of the church back to a simpler and holier way of life — a message that was not well received by bishops and priests who had become accustomed to the wealth, power and freedom they enjoyed while collaborating and reveling with the royalty of the day.

Pius was tireless in pursuing the broad reforms called for by the Church fathers. To address the lack of knowledge of faith among Christians, he created a new catechism and established the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) for forming the young in the faith. He founded new seminaries for providing proper training for priests. To elevate the prayer life of the Church, he released a new missal and a new breviary. The 1570 edition of the Roman Missal he promulgated was used for 400 years until St. Paul VI revised it after Vatican II.