The Holy Eucharist is our most treasured gift of the Church. It is the source and summit of our Christian life and stands above all else. As Advent begins, we wait anxiously for the coming of Jesus. Let us remember that Jesus is truly with us at every Mass in the Holy Eucharist. We receive Him and all the graces He bestows upon us. The Holy Eucharist is a gift of the Church and a gift to you.


Enjoy Advent "presents" from Bishop Robert Reed and The CatholicTV Network. Every day beginning December 1, Bishop Reed will present a new gift. Miss a day, it's ok, visit www.Together-We-Rebuild.com for all the gifts.

See a preview of all the gifts in The CatholicTV Monthly December magazine.



Sacred Tradition stands together with Sacred Scripture to give us our beautiful gift of Faith.  Sacred Tradition takes the word of God entrusted by our Lord and the Holy Spirit and gives it to the Apostles and onto their successors...all the way to us, so that we may preserve His word, explain it, live it, and pass it on to make the ends of the earth know about our Lord, Jesus Christ. Now that is gift to truly pass down.  Sacred Tradition is a gift of the Church and a gift to you.