Father Robert Reed hosts the ten-part video companion series to his book RENEWED produced by The CatholicTV Network. 


Father Robert Reed explores Thomas Aquinas and Thérèse of Lisieux, two great saints who both gave their whole selves to God. How can we renew the Church by doing likewise, and receiving our gifts of the Holy Spirit?


Augustine of Hippo and Joan of Arc were two saints who lived during bleak, discouraging times. Both of them, however, looked deeper than the external circumstances of corruption and division to tell a truer story: the Story of God.



In this episode of Renewed, Father Robert Reed looks at Saints Paul the Apostle and John Vianney, men who brought Christ to people through personal relationship. How can we build a culture of encounter in the Church, where Jesus is shared from person to person?



Saint Isidore of Seville and Venerable Fulton Sheen were both men who took advantage of contemporary communication tools in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have much more technology at our disposal today - can we follow their example?

Father Robert Reed offers his ideas for carrying this out in this episode of Renewed.


Edith Stein and Pope John Paul II are two saints who embraced Jesus' Cross, confronting suffering and evil. Through the Cross they were able to move to new life. In this episode of Renewed, Father Robert Reed asks, Inspired by their witness, how can we remain lovingly but firmly committed to the Cross?


Dorothy Day and Francis of Assisi are two characters known for their radical commitment to the Gospel, but they were both ordinary people like you and me. In this episode of Renewed, Father Robert Reed expalins how we are each called to be heroes like them, and we can be.


Athanasius and Mother Teresa were two figures faced with grave adversity, frustration and doubt. And yet both of them, to the very end of their lives, remained steadfast in their commitment to the Gospel. Can their witness fill us with hope?

In this episode of Renewed, Father Robert Reed offers ways it can.


In this episode of Renewed, Father Robert Reed examines Joseph of Nazareth and Elizabeth Ann Seton, two saints who, faced with challenges, transformed their situations creatively and bravely. Can we respond to our situation by searching for new, transformative possibilities?


God constantly surprises us with unexpected situations. Host Father Robert Reed explains if we are open to God's plan, we may be surprised by the unique part we can play in that plan, much like Chiara Luce Badano and Patrick Peyton.


Father Robert Reed shows how Teresa of Avila and Pope Francis offer us a powerful witness of the joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus and salvation through His Cross. How can we surrender to the joy Christ offers us, and in so doing renew the Church?

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As a companion to the book RENEWED, enjoy a ten-part video presentation by Bishop Robert Reed. This video series is produced by The CatholicTV Network. It is a great resource for faith formation, small group discussions, RCIA instruction, or personal enrichment. Be renewed with Bishop Reed and America's Catholic Television Network.


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The book RENEWED is a great resource for catechesis, conversation, and encouraging a grassroots renewal in the Church today. Beginning with an introductory session (using an introductory video), each of the ten chapters of the book is easy to prepare as a 60-90 minute program. 

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Bishop Robert P. Reed, a Massachusetts native, is an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Boston and the president of The CatholicTV Network, where he has served since 2005. In addition, Bishop Reed often celebrates the network's Masses, hosts the game show WOW: the CatholicTV Challenge, and co-hosts the network’s signature talk show, This Is the Day.