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Restored: Stories of Encounter
Restored: Stories of Encounter
Restored: Stories of Encounter
Restored: Stories of Encounter


New from ODB Films (producers of “Paul, Apostle of Christ”) and Saint Joseph Communications, Restored: Stories of Encounter features six impacting stories of people who have encountered Christ in a way that has changed how they live in the world. Choosing to say yes to Christ’s call in their lives, each has established a ministry uniquely designed to affect change in the world.

Restored aims to open viewers’ eyes to the many ways that Christ’s love can and should be shared. The series does this by featuring normal, unassuming people who have allowed God to use them. God uses the circumstances, gifts, talents, and passions of each person to speak the Gospel message of redemption. The hope is that viewers will see the “ordinary” inherent in each extraordinary story and begin to look for ways God can use their own lives to create an impact.

Restored uniquely articulates the beauty and congruency of Catholic Social Teaching and Works of Mercy by focusing on those who are leading by example. This is especially engaging for younger generations who place profound value on integrity and authenticity. Each story offers ways for viewers to expand their understanding of mercy and social justice by encouraging an honest look at the unfulfilled needs around them and an honest evaluation of their responsibility to meet those needs.

There are many great films that provide catechesis and faith formation. Restored does something unique: it offers viewers a witness of hope and renewal through the lives of everyday heroes. It helps viewers say “yes” to God’s daily invitation to heroic love.


1. Connie McEldowney’s Rustic Hope - A unique pro-life effort in Russia, Ohio.

2. Deacon Pablo Perez’s Kolbe House - Prison ministry led by a gang-leader-turned-deacon.

3. Fr. Bob Lombardo’s Mission of Our Lady of the Angels - Help for the poor, raised from the ashes of an infamous Chicago fire.

4. Alan Graham’s Community First Village - A rehabilitating community for the chronically homeless in Austin, Texas.

5. Sharon Mason’s Equine Dreams - This 13-acre equine therapy center is the product of one mother’s love and devotion.

6. Jordan & Jesse Schiele’s Jerusalem Farm - A tight-knit community serving the Lord by building and rebuilding homes in their low-income neighborhood.

Airs: Monday 2:30 pm | Wednesday 5:30 am | Saturday 9:30 pm
all times Eastern | subject to change