Dedicated to victims, survivors, their families, the first-responders and second-responders of the Boston Marathon bombings.

  • 4/15/13 | Krystle Marie Campbell - Lü Lingzi - Martin William Richard
  • 4/18/13 | Sean Collier
  • 4/10/14 | Dennis Simmonds

Featuring President Barack Obama at Boston's Cathedral of the Holy Cross and original performance of the song Boston Strong performed by Anne DiSanto live during CatholicTV's 2013 Telethon.

"This time next year on the third Monday in April the world will return to this great American city...bet on it."


The Ward Family stars in this original CatholicTV production with Kim Wood, Genevieve Boulerice.


Father Frank McFarland hosts this "holiday special" from The Madonna Shrine in East Boston.



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  • The Faithful Traveler in Portugal

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