It's okay to strike out every once in a while - we're human. Matt Weber talks about changing our perspective on failure.


Matt Weber shares a particularly harrowing experience he had on a plane and reflects on the fragility of life.


Matt Weber reflects on the joys and challenges of taking the plunge as a Millenial and buying a home.


Take two minutes to join Matt Weber in his nightly prayer routine.


Matt Weber shares the familiar experience of hunting for a midnight snack and has a question: Why doesn't the freezer have a light in it?


Matt Weber reflects on 100 episodes of A Word With Weber and the importance of Catholic media.


Matt Weber reflects on tradition in this edition of A Word With Weber.

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A Word With Weber

In A Word With Weber, Matthew Weber offers his musings about life and reflections about matters spiritual. In his short segments he deals with topics like mortality, friendship, tradition, memory, relationships, Heaven and Hell, faith and most importantly, Jesus. Weber airs as part of our Blink programming block. 

Host bio

Matt Weber is the author of Fearing the Stigmata (Loyola Press, 2012) and host of A Word with Weber. He is also host and producer of the Harvard Graduate School of Education's popular education podcast “The Harvard EdCast.” Read more.