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Staying Informed on the Church and the World

Keeping up with the current news cycle is overwhelming enough, but there’s a lot happening in the Church, too. While it isn’t all good news all the time, it’s important as Catholics to stay informed about issues and events that affect the body of Christ. Thankfully, whether the headlines are good or bad, we can be hopeful in Jesus’ promise that “the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail” against the Church he established (see Matthew 16:18, NABRE).

However, a lot of good is happening in the Church, too—from lay apostolates to Church leaders at home and around the globe, the Holy Spirit is continuing to work in the Church in amazing and inspiring ways.

By keeping up with Catholic news, you’ll be better equipped to pray for the needs of the Church. You’ll also be encouraged in your own faith by witnessing the works of the Holy Spirit in the lives of real Catholics today.


Catholic Newsbreak with Kevin Nelson

Catholic Newsbreak

Catholic Newsbreak is a regular feature providing Catholic news reports about the Church both locally and globally. In under ten minutes, you’ll get a broad sampling of current events, from papal visits to lay initiatives to issues affecting Catholics in countries of persecution. Catholic Newsbreak offers a balanced blend of hard and hopeful headlines, helping you stay connected to your Catholic brothers and sisters around the world.


Vatican News and Events

Vatican News and Events

Do you want to keep up with what’s happening at the Vatican, including Pope Francis’s travels and addresses? Follow papal programming on CatholicTV to watch Vatican Events including the pope’s weekly general audiences, his major liturgical celebrations and global travels, and other Vatican news. You can watch online or stream from your TV or smart device.


This Is the Day TV hosts

This Is the Day

This Is the Day is a talk show covering the lighter side of news in an engaging conversational style. Hosts Bishop Robert Reed, Jay Fadden and other co-hosts Kevin Nelson, Clare McCallan, and Monét Souza talk about the faith, pray for your intentions, and chat about what's going on in the local Church and beyond. Catholic influencers including authors, artists, musicians, organizers, and ministers join them to talk about the exciting things they are doing to spread the faith and touch hearts.

Whether you read online articles or watch newscasts or talk shows, you’ll be glad you chose to stay informed on Catholic news. Please continue to keep the needs of the local and global Church in your prayers—and, humbly, please pray for us at CatholicTV. We are honored to serve you by providing the Catholic news you need to know.